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Company Overview

Companies that continually challenge and break the rules, outpace their competition and achieve unprecedented results. These high performers turn periods of uncertainty in to real competitive advantage. They possess a very specific set of core values that drive them to challenge their present-based relatedness and continuously improve all the time! They simply are; masters of innovation.

We too are masters of innovation with a long history assisting our clients to achieve real measurable breakthroughs. Since our founding in 1994 we have maintained a singular and steady focus on creating long term sustainable value for our clients. We continuosly challenge our own methods and constantly improve our own internal capabilities to continually enable real breakthroughs for our clients. Our firm focuses on the systemic and holistic analysis as well as design of innovation and operational ecosystems spanning your entire Product and/or Project Lifecycle. Our holistic approach ensures a comprehensive transformation of your people, policies, procedures and machines to create a more highly tuned and integrated operating environment.
We are a Management Consulting Firm whose primary focus is on assisting clients to create a viable Business Transformation Strategy and execute the comprehensive set of initiatives to drive to Best in Class process performance. Our arsenal of senior analysts, state of the art methodology and tools are focused on a few niche process areas. These areas include:
  1. Product Lifecycle Management
    • Our focus is to help clients increase product development performances which; accelerate product introductions, reduce overall time to market, reduce cost per unit sold, optimize manufacturability, serviceability, and maintainability, as well as increase the product quality at launch. We have extensive application domain expertise including but not limited to; Teamcenter, Windchill, Enovia, and AGILE PLM applications.
  2. Project Lifecycle Management
    • Our focus is to help clients increase project execution performances to reduce overall time to delivery/commission, reduce project cost variance, optimize design productivity across all designed systems, optimize manufacturability, constructability, serviceability, and maintainability, as well as increase the systems and or facility quality at commissioning. We have extensive application domain expertise including but not limited to; Intergraph, Bentley, Teamcenter, Windchill, Enovia, and AGILE PLM applications, Rules-based Design Applications and a variety of Project Planning, Estimating, Costing and Construction Management applications.
  3. Proposal Engineering & Rules-based Design
    • Our focus is to help clients increase the quality and quantity of design and planning work that can be done during the Proposal Stage for Engineer to Order systems and to enable our clients to increase estimating accuracy, reduce proposal related project variance, and increase their win ratio, as well as increase schedule accuracy to mitigate the potential for liquidated damages
  4. Global Sourcing
    • Our focus is to better enable the end to end sourcing lifecycle to enable; an end to end repeatable sourcing lifecycle process and application environment, an increase in buying power through a proactive and ongoing rationalization of vendors and components, an increase in vendor, part and services quality, and greater supplier adherence to contract 
  5. Integrated Program Planning & Execution
    • Our focus is on the creation of a highly integrated application and process environment to enable; better project and product portfolio planning, better resource loading and balancing against the project or product portfolio, increased estimating accuracy, increased cost control, refined schedule estimates and better schedule control, as well as more effective and efficient measurements and reporting  
We were founded nearly twenty years ago with a simple business model:
  1. Hire and deliver only experienced staffs to the market that would require little to no supervision to be successful
  2. Continually improve our methods and tools to ensure we were second to none in our delivery capability
  3. Create an operational model and infrastructure that would:
    • Enable our staffs to work from any where in the world
    • Eliminate unnecessary layers of management, checking & control
    • Substantially reduce our overhead costs as compared to our competition
  4. Exploit our senior staff formula, superior tools, methods and infrastructures to enable a more competitive pricing model
  5. Be Really Good at a few things! 


Values & Beliefs

  • Our extraordinary ethics and professional work behaviors are omnipotent to our long term success and customer satisfaction
  • We demonstrate and model our values in action. In our personal work behaviors, decision making, contribution, ethics and interpersonal interaction
  • We are a learning organization, we continue to learn to learn together
  • We continue to maintain the highest levels of quality and productivity
  • We are fiscally responsible and conservative in all our representations and actions
  • We embrace change and actively seek new and more powerful ways of being
  • We are optimistic and everything is possible 

Our Culture

We are simply driven to be what the market commands us to be - innovators. Therefore, it is a culture of innovation that is most pervasive in our firm. We understand the sophisticated and often less traditional ways that people access possibility and create real breakthroughs - not just the kind of breakthroughs that come from incremental initiative but real breakthroughs that move the decimal point of operational performance and transform not only the processes and systems but the people living in them every day as well.

Please contact us to talk more about the comprehensive range of Teamcenter Consulting, Windchill Consulting, Enovia Consulting, and AGILE Consulting capabilities and services. PLM Strategies, PLM Roadmaps, Vendor Selection, Program Justifications, Best Practice Benchmarks, Capability Maturity Models and comprehensive PLM implementation services.