Companies that continually challenge and break the rules, outpace their competition and achieve unprecedented results. These high performers turn periods of uncertainty in to real competitive advantage. They possess a very specific set of core values that drive them to challenge their present-based relatedness and continuously improve all the time! They simply are; masters of innovation.


We too are masters of innovation with a long history assisting our clients to achieve real measurable breakthroughs. Since our founding in 1994 we have maintained a singular and steady focus on creating long term sustainable value for our clients.

The Digital Enterprise

MBE and the Digital Enterprise:

MBE is core to enabling the Digital Enterprise.

Some examples of the capabilities required include but may not be limited to:

Well-defined & Repeatable Model-based GD&T Standards

Well-defined & Repeatable PMI Standards

One to "n" Data Definitions

3D Data Package Publishing Technology

3D Model Validation Technologies

Derivative Validtion Technologies

Bills of Charactristics/FAIR Generator

Web-based Supplier FAI Reporting

Quality Information Framewok (QIF) or similar

Big Data Analytics to drive to a zero defect environment

Model-based Systems Engineering

PLM/MBE Integration Framework

PLM and the Digital Enterprise:

PLM is core to enabling the Digital Enterprise, and will require substantial extensions as you evolve to a Digital Enterprise.

Some examples of the extensions required include but may not be limited to:

Extension of the Part Object

Product Family Classification

Parametric Part Classification

Lifecycle Policy to better enable Engineering Release

Multiple Change Processes to better manage complexity

Conversion of System Engineering Documents to Data Objects to enable automated extraction in to Data Packages

Bills of Characteristics Management

Derivative CAD Production Workflows

Model Data Quality Validation Workflows

Model Revision Validation Workflows

Derivative Validation Workflows