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Business & Innovation Strategies
Successful strategies are not derived from some high level understanding of your business and a cursory understanding of the market influences & challenges you face. Effective strategies, the kind that deliver long term value, are the result of a methodical analysis of the ecosystem(s) that drive real sustainable growth and profitability. Most of our competitors provide high level canned strategy projects using canned cross-industry performance baselines and targets that can have very little relationship to your specific industry segment. For example; a Capability Maturity comparison based upon a generic/cross-industry Capability Maturity Model might be useful in a Consumer Packaged Goods environment but will drive disastrous results when applied to an Engineer to Order business. The two business models are substantially different and cannot be driven to Best-in-Class from generic Capability Baselines and Cross-Industry Performance Metrics. Specialization does in fact increase the effectiveness of a Strategy/Roadmap and better enables an efficient drive to Strategic Targets.

Business Transformation Capabilities

The pressure to maximize your R&D expenditures, increase market share, reduce product costs and achieve higher margins remain high and are substantially more challenging in a globally stressed market place. The new global economy is imposing substantial demands to shorten product lifecycles, design anywhere, increase the security of your IP and deliver products that are both desirable and can be supported globally. Meeting all of these demands requires organizations which operate with a sophisticated understanding of; who they are, where they must go and how they must get there. These best performing companies grow substantially faster than their competitors and often achieve substantially higher margins. There is recognition, for example, that Product Development is a Strategic Core Competency which possesses significant opportunity to improve Market-share, Revenue, and Margin. Through the use of a sophisticated set of methods, tools, templates and metrics, we are assisting clients to conduct comprehensive Business Transformation initiatives to meet the shifting demands of the global marketplace.


Some of the capabilities sections in the table below are undergoing a rewrite and advancement. In the interim, if you have any questions, please contact Kenn Hartman at (216) 533-6302 or Robert Peck at (408) 374-7815

Global Sourcing & Stage Gate Management

Our capabilities and Domain Expertise are the result of nearly twenty years executing; PDM Initiatives and expanding PDM Investments to create comprehensive Enterprise PLM Environments which exploit a comprehensive arsenal of PLM assets to better enbable Proposal Management, Project Execution, Collaboration, Design Reuse, Portfolio Planning, Global Sourcing, Part Reuse, Vendor Rationalization, etc.
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