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As organizations continue to outsource design and build activity globally, while constantly iterating with clients regarding design changes and emerging requirements, the need to establish a secure, web based supplier collaboration and customer collaboration environments has become critical. The ongoing optimization of time, cost and quality through any development initiative will depend extensively on your organizations ability to:
  1. Exchange information with customers and suppliers in a secure environment
  2. Enable an end to end supplier relationship management process, SRM Best Practices
  3. Enable an end to end customer relationship management process, CRM Best Practices
  4. Enable more highly automated discretionary information sharing
  5. Conduct real-time collaboration on a variety of design objects via customer or supplier oriented portals
  6. Assure traceability from requirements through released designs and manufacturing or as-built bills of materials across multiple design and manufacturing customers/partners/suppliers
  7. Share part data to enable per unit sold/built cost optimization - leverage one another's buying power
  8. Manage change collaboratively and execute in the shortest possible cycle time
  9. Enable internal and external process integration via customer portal and supplier portal
  10. Enable access by all external customers and partners to design and build standards
  11. Monitor suppliers and execute a repeatable Corrective Action Management process/application environment
  12. Integrate to key customer Change Management and Corrective Action processes/systems via web-base, secure portals
  13. Pull all new suppliers through a common supplier development stage gate process
DSA Analysts have the tools, skills, and domain expertise required to design, and implement a world class Customer / Supplier Collaboration and Management environment.

Key Business Values Finding

  • Top performers exploited comprehensive Collaboration Environments to achieve:
    • Successful charge back rates greater than 99% -SRM
    • Reduce illegitimate charge backs from customers by 23%
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness of greater than 86%
    • Supplier defect rates below 1%
    • Reduction in internal defect rates by 23%
    • Reduction in time to qualify a supplier by more than 43%
    • Reduction in time to be qualified by potential customers by 26%
    • On time and complete supplier shipments greater than 97% of the time

Implications & Analysis - SRM

  • Best in Class organizations execute the Global Sourcing process via a well defined, repeatable and measurable Stage Gate process
  • Best in Class organizations are twice as likely to automatically collect supplier data than laggards
  • Best in Class organizations apply a risk based approach to the prioritization of Corrective Actions
  • Best in Class organizations implement and automatically generate standardized supplier analytics, metrics and scorecards 41% more frequently than laggards
  • Best in Class organizations have processes and technologies in place to enable collaboration with suppliers on design and quality issues
  • Best in Class organizations implement standardized escalation procedures for supplier quality and non-conformance issues

Our senior analysts are equipped to assist your organization to:

  1. Implement a comprehensive Stage Gate Sourcing Environment including standardized tools, deliverables and decisions
  2. Implement a risk-based Corrective Action request, tracking and management system
  3. Automate the collection of supplier data and the generation of supplier performance reports, benchmarks, and scorecards
  4. Establish the collaborative design tools and processes to better integrate your suppliers in to your product design stages
  5. Analyze, justify, select, implement and integrate the core application infrastructures required to achieve best in class design capability
  6. Train the end user communities and commission the new environment
  7. Establish a set of KPI's to enable post go-live performance monitoring and continuous improvement

click here to download: Strategic Sourcing Stage Gate Process Sample

Establishing a Strategic Supplier Partner Pyramid Source: Harvard Business