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Design Reuse

Design reuse is a rather simple idea that takes existing part designs and repurposes them into new ones. Starting with an already completed design allows engineers to avoid designing from scratch. Unfortunately, it's easier said than done. CAD models with hundreds of interrelated features can be very difficult to change. Design staffs often end up spending more time adapting models than if they had simply started from scratch. Yet, despite these problems, some engineering organizations are seeing considerable success.

Key Business Value Findings

  • Top performers hit engineering targets on a 76% or better average. Laggards hit these same targets on a 26% or worse average.
  • While facing challenges for design reuse, best in class companies are responding by designing for modifications (64%), centralizing design data (43%) and providing design details in model (43%.)

Implications & Analysis

  • Top performers are more likely to dedicate resources to simplifying and verifying designs for reuse (21% vs. 0% for laggards, and 18% vs. 8%, respectively).
  • A majority of these top performers integrate the preparation (71%) and verification (75%) of designs for reuse into the design phase.
  • Best in class are more likely to utilize geometric search (3X) to find designs for reuse and automated checking technologies (2X) to verify designs are ready for reuse.
  • Top performers are twice as likely to track the amount of time required to change existing designs into new ones (54% vs. 29%)
Our senior analysts are equipped to assist your organization to:
  1. Establish dedicated resources to prepare and verify designs for reuse in the design phase
  2. Implement geometric search technology to find designs
  3. Deploy automated checking to verification that designs are ready for reuse
  4. Use direct modeling technologies to modify existing designs into new ones
  5. Leverage the expertise of 3rd party application providers to improve design reuse