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Achieving a Best in Class, Globally Strategic Sourcing capability requires the implementation of a logical set of sourcing stages, tools, deliverables, and decisions. The creation of this type Sourcing Environment requires the thoughtful implementation of a high value-adding set of; policies, procedures, jobs and organizational structures, management and measurement techniques, values and beliefs and integrated Application Systems.

Key Business Value Findings

  1. Top performers achieved a 72% higher contract compliance than all other companies surveyed
  2. Top performers achieved a 52% higher rate of realized / implemented cost savings
  3. Top performers achieved a 37% higher rate of spend under management

Implications & Analysis

  1. Top performers are more likely to dedicate resources to vendor development and management as opposed to transactional work
  2. Top performers are more likely to execute using a clearly defined set of sourcing stages, tools, deliverables and decisions
  3. Top performers are more likely to integrate the procurement processes, systems and data to PLM (Part and BoM Management) and Quality Tracking and Reporting applications
Our senior analysts are equipped to assist your organization to:
  1. Design a high value-adding Stage Gate process environment
  2. Establish a richer set of analytics and metrics
  3. Select and implement core technologies to create a pull environment which links the tools, deliverables, decisions in to a uniform and flexible set of functions and workflows
  4. Integrate the new environment to the PLM and Quality applications to ensure optimization
  5. Establish dedicated resources to manage the vendor development and auditing processes