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Consulting Services  - Senior PLM Consultants

Companies that continually challenge and break the rules outpace their competition and achieve unprecedented results. These high performers turn periods of uncertainty in to real competitive advantage. DSA's Consultants create and implement innovation strategies and systems that deliver this measurable competitive advantage.

Core Services
Successful strategies are not derived from some high level understanding of your business, or cursory understandings of the market influences and challenges you face. Effective strategies, the kind that deliver long term value, are the result of a methodical analysis of the ecosystem(s) that drive real sustainable growth and profitability. Most of our competitors provide high level canned strategy projects using canned cross-industry performance baselines and targets that can have very little relationship to your specific industry segment. For example; a Capability Maturity comparison based upon a generic/cross-industry Capability Maturity Model might be useful in...Learn More

The pressure to maximize your R&D, Sourcing and Proposal Management expenditures to increase market share, reduce product costs and achieve higher margins remain high and are substantially more challenging in a globally stressed market place. The new global economy is imposing substantial demands to shorten product lifecycles, design anywhere, increase the security of your IP and deliver products that are both desirable and can be supported globally. Meeting all of these demands requires organizations which operate with a sophisticated understanding of; who they are, where they must go and how they must get there. These best performing companies...Learn More

Software Evaluation, Selection and Justification Services

Software project failure is often devastating to an organization. Schedule slips, missing features, cost overruns, and/or failure to deliver real value to the business can mean the end of the project or even financial ruin for a company. Too often these mid to late term project failings can be traced back to the failure to execute a structured and methodical software evaluation, selection and justification process. Learn More

Software Implementation Services

With nearly 20 years of complex large and mid scale enterprise application implementation experience, we know that successful high value-adding implementations are the result of  performing the right combination of activities with a complete, end-to-end methodology which is tailorable to address the specific objectives and constraints of the client initiative and always focused on outcome. This approach helps customers achieve real, measurable value from each step in the implementation process and from the process as a whole. Learn More

Program Planning, Management Services

The best executed initiatives begin by crafting and/or adopting an execution method which is optimized to drive objectives, account for imposed constraints, proactively identify and mitigate risks and assure a high level of user acceptance and adoption. the most common SDLC methods available for adoption today include; Waterfall, Sprial Method for Rapid Prototyping, and AGILE/SCRUM. Organizations who can not only adapt a variety of proven methods but also create unique hybrids are on avaerage 63% more likely to hit their targets for time to value, cost to value and quality of delivered application and process capability. Establishing the project course is the first step to successful program planning, execution and management. Learn More

Change is hard! Executive staffs, and middle managers struggle to ensure; both people and organizational changes are well planned and managed, a holistic methodology is executed which addresses people and organizational issues, the necessary level of participation is given across all affected levels of the organization, unnecessary turnover of valuable employees is avoided, and the necessary momentum is maintained through all phases of the change initiative. Learn More