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Program Management and Project Execution

Ineffective program management and project execution fosters poor decision making which; increases time to market, cost to market, cost per unit sold and often reduces your ability to optimize the quality at launch or commission. The impact to revenue, marketshare and margin can be disastrous. 

A more precise and repeatable execution of projects is critical to bringing new products, facilities and systems to market faster and at a lower cost. At DSA we help companies establish the right balance of process structure while maintaining the creativity and flexibility necessary to compete in today's fast-paced, time-driven marketplace.

DSA can help your core teams align execution with strategy, and additionally plan, monitor, and execute consistently across projects to support mission-critical strategic initiatives. We will help ensure your teams have the structure in place to manage the product development process more efficiently, provide accountability for program business results, align activities to overall business objectives, and improve cross-functional, distributed collaboration and communication.

Our team will work with you to create a project management toolkit to guide and assist teams with improved scheduling, risk management, cross-functional integration, and cross-project communication and reporting. This toolkit will help you:

  1. Implement a balanced, well defined, high performing project team structure
  2. Define responsibilities amongst project core and extended teams, functional departments, design partner companies, and executive governance
  3. Establish a PMO organization structure with enabling tools and best practice approaches
  4. Define and implement an end-to-end set of project execution work flows that link high level phase gates to lower-level tasks
  5. Enable processes with tools and IT technology that remove administrative burden and boost productivity
  6. Effectively execute on the product roadmap
Project success increases exponentially with the accuracy of time and cost calculations. Exploitation of standard WBS Templates, Standard BoM Constructs, a Labor Rates Database a simple (unintelligent) coding construct, and a highly integrated application environment must be in place to enable next generation planning, estimating and cost control. The application arsenal comprises:
  1. PLM Application
  2. Estimating and Costing Application
  3. ERP Application
  4. Time Reporting 
  5. Project Planning Application
  6. Global Labor Rate Database
DSA analysts can assist you to select the right mix of applications, exploit existing technologies to reduce cost to value, design and implement the processes, application configurations and integrations and establish the management and measurement techniques required to enable a repeatable and continuously improving application and process environment
Integrated Planning Environment - Illustration One


Value Proposition

Increased Win Rate:

  • Respond to more RFPs
  • Shorter proposal and order lead times
  • More complete proposals
  • Better alignment of schedule to proposed solution and customer requirements
  • Improved ability to manage and execute customer change requests

Increased Profitability:

  • More complete and optimized proposal stage design
  • Fewer margin eroding errors
  • More time for supply chain inputs
  • More comprehensive analysis cost impact of customer change requests
  • Better adherence to quality standards optimizes asset utilization through the supply chain
Improved Project & Cost Control:
  • Real time Cash Flow to Estimate comparisons
  • Establish stronger expectations for execution times from historical smoothing
  • Identify weak players from historical reporting - train or weed them out
  • Setting better more empirically sound expectations with your management team and your clients to reduce project variance and discourse