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Integrated Proposal Management Environment

Too often, insufficient time is given during the proposal stage to enable a level of design and planning work that results in an accurate understanding of the true cost and schedule when you are signing up for fixed price and liquidated damages. The resulting conundrum is an unnecessary balancing - do you price to win or do you price to mitigate risk of the unknown? Most organizations have worked diligently and continuously to improve their empirical capabilities and yet the statistics on win ratio and project variance show little to no measurable increase in performance over the last decade.

Key Business Value Findings

  • Top performers increased win ratio when responding to blind RFP's by 43%.
  • Top performers reduced project cost variance related to proposal stage design/BoM errors by 67%
  • Top performers reduced schedule variance (and liquidated damages related to proposal stage planning errors by 63%

Implications & Analysis

  • Top performers are more likely to exploit rules-based design engineering ( RDE ), knowledge based engineering ( KBE ) applications to substantially improve proposal stage design quality (3x)
  • A majority of these top performers integrate the CAD and PLM application to RDE (2x)
  • Best in class are more likely to fully integrate the RDE to PLM BoM and Part Management functionality (2x)
  • Top performers are twice as likely to reengineer the proposal management process end to end (4x)
Our senior analysts are equipped to assist your organization to:
  1. Establish a set of value-adding initiatives for improving proposal performances & increase win ratio
  2. Analyze, justify, select, implement and integrate the core RDE application infrastructure required to achieve best in class design capability
  3. Analyze, justify, select, implement and integrate the core planning, scheduling, estimating and costing application infrastructure required to achieve best in class planning and estimating capability
  4. Reengineer the proposal process end to end
  5. Train the end user communities and commission the new environment
  6. Establish a set of KPI's to enable post go-live performance monitoring and continuous improvement

Sample Process & Application Constructs - PLM as Core of the Integrated Environment
Illustration One


Value Proposition

Increased Win Rate:

  • Respond to more RFPs
  • Shorter proposal and order lead times
  • More complete proposals
  • Better alignment of solution to customer requirements
  • Improved ability to manage and execute customer change requests

Increased Profitability:

  • More complete and optimized proposal stage design
  • Fewer margin eroding errors
  • More time for supply chain inputs
  • More comprehensive analysis cost impact of customer change requests
  • Better adherence to quality standards optimizes asset utilization through the supply chain


Illustration Two