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Stage Gate & Process Management

We work with clients to identify the systemic changes to; policy & procedure, organizational structures and jobs, management and measurement techniques, values and beliefs, and systems that will derive measurable improvement in product development processes as well as real, competitive advantage. Our senior analysts have the expertise to enable our clients to become more innovative, collaborative and productive by:

  1. Assessing, benchmarking, designing, piloting, and implementing an optimized gate construct including application infrastructures and tools to optimize collaborative design engineering, performance, DFx, production validation, and program and cost control. The primary objective of the Stage Gate work we do is to convert your organization, systems, and infrastructures to enable more tailorable execution constructs which optimize your execution by program type e.g., New Product Family vs. New Product in Family vs. ...
  2. Defining the team structures and governances required for each project/program type e.g., New Product Family vs. New Product in Family
  3. Establishing enhanced capability to prioritize and resource load initiatives based upon market opportunity and real bandwidth
  4. Defining and implementing the end to end workflows that link the gate tools and deliverables to the important gate decisions and establish a repeatable execution environment
  5. Establishing a comprehensive set of Key Performance Indicators and Process metrics to enable effective measurement of product development performances and their continuous improvement  
  6. Defining and implementing an end-to-end set of project execution work flows that link high level phase gates to lower-level tasks.
We are continually increasing our domain expertise and knowledge of emerging technologies, global market demands and shifting paradigms to ensure our clients can be positioned to achieve greater levels of product development performances and continuously transform the enterprise to sustain real, lasting results.

Reporting & Analytics

Over the past years, organizations worldwide have made substantial investments in their IT infrastructure including packaged enterprise applications (such as ERP, MRP, SFA, CRM, SCM, PDM, PLM, etc.) and legacy systems. The decision-makers require visibility into the information that is scattered across these IT systems. Due to their evolution and implementation, these IT systems have formed "islands of information". The need to collate and leverage the information from these systems for dramatic business performance improvement is unprecedented. Organizations have a strong desire, more than ever before, to provide such capabilities at all levels of the organization at substantially lower TCO.

To address this need, our senior analysts can work in close partnership with your Product Development, Sourcing, or Proposal Management Teams to identify Key Performance Indicators that will drive desired behavior and institutionalize better values and beliefs. We will assist your team to establish a logical data model, physical architecture, and evaluate, justify, select, design and implement a comprehensive solution.


Reporting & Analytics Benefits

  1. Establish, measure and analyze key performance metrics to drive processes throughout the lifecycle
  2. Swiftly and accurately extract knowledge across applications
  3. Reduce guesswork and make better decisions
  4. Control costs, assure quality and speed time-to-market
  5. Reduced cost of ownership for business intelligence