Data Analysis, Cleansing, Transformation, Migration, and Validation Services

Replacing existing CAD and PLM systems or consolidating heterogeneous system environments means that large amounts of design data and master data need to be migrated. DSA can assist you to define the best strategy for transferring the data and helps you clean up, classify and convert the existing data and automatically transfer it to the new system environment.

Data Analysis:

  1. Map Source to Target
  2. Specify, code and execute required Data Analysis Scripts
  3. Analysze the results

Data Cleansing:

  1. Specify and code required Data Cleansing Scripts
  2. Establish the Test Environment and validate the Data Cleansing Scripts
  3. Execute the Data Cleansing Scripts on the Source Environment
  4. Re-validate the Source Environment Data

Data Transformation and Migration:

  1. Select the Data Transformation and Migration Tools
  2. Configure the Physical Environment & Tools
  3. Clone the Production Source and Target Environments
  4. Test and Validate the effectiveness and performance of the Data Migration platform
  5. Tune the platform
  6. Execute the transformation and migration activities
  7. Analyze and validate the data integrity of the Target System