The Benefits of Model-Based Enterprise for Your Business

The best companies always look for the latest ways to help their engineers succeed. Today, one of the most exciting options to support your success is model-based Enterprise. This advance in your evolution to a Digital Enterprise while complex has proven to enable a substantial and measurable return on investment. When you invest in implementing a model-based strategy, you can:

  • Eliminate eQN’s to make Models match Drawings
  • Reduce Model Annotation Time/Cost
  • Reduce Model Validation Time/Cost
  • Reduce Engineering Release Cycle Time/Cost
  • Eliminate Producibility Escapes from Engineering
  • Reduce Manufacturability Reviews/Cost
  • Reduce Time and Cost to derive Mfg. Work Instructions
  • Reduce Time and Cost to derive and validate Tooling
  • Reduce Time and Cost to derive and validate CMM, CNC
  • Reduce Time and Cost to First Article Inspection
  • Improve Information Sharing across the Supply Chain
  • Communicate Effectively with Outsource Manufacturers
  • Reduce Cost per Unit Manufactured
  • Reduce Cost per Unit Acquired from Outsource Manufacturers

The core value of a model-based definition is in enabling the creation of a Technical Data Package which provides all of the information required in a single Machine Readable file to enable all of your downstream supply chain processes.

Ultimately, the efficiency and clarity provided by the model-based enterprise means less risk of miscommunications that can result in scrap, rework, and extended cycle times.

Discover how model-based definition can help your business. This innovative method unifies design models and annotations for successful implementation.