Advanced Value Stream Mapping

Reduce program time and cost while increasing delivered process/application quality

The quality of the process work executed directly impacts the time and cost of your reengineering initiatives and can substantially impact the quality of delivered process and application functionality. Alignment of process technique and rules for derivation of process documentation are critical.

Dump the SWIM Lane Diagrams!

When you consider the content required in a Process flow diagram to enable process analysis and a high first pass yield in the downstream dependent SDLC deliverable e.g., Use Cases, Detailed System Designs, User Acceptance Tests, Process-based Training, a natural set of rules emerge. When considering this set of modeling rules, a more advanced Value Stream Modeling Technique emerges; we call it the ROA Method.

ROA Modeling Method - Simple Sentence Construct

Why our method is better:

  • Enables adherence to a specific set of rules that drive a high first pass yield of the downstream dependent SDLC work products
  • Makes the process much more visible – if they can see it, they can fix it!
  • Easy to convert to Foreign languages
  • Directly aligns with required content of a typical Use Case
  • Reduces time and cost to author Use Cases
  • Delivers an end to end Process Training Script

RAO Method Graphic

Contact us for the balance of Rules and a more in-depth conversation regarding Value Proposition and how we create a better thread to the Software Deliverables to reduce Time to Value and Cost to Value while increasing the quality of your Process and Application Engineering Initiatives