PLM Upgrade Services

Software functions get constantly added and updated in the fast evolving PLM world. It is very important for companies to upgrade to the latest software versions that delivers more efficient functionality, integrates better with enterprise systems and supported by owner companies.

We provide end-to-end PLM Upgrade services including upgrading any custom solutions.

Upgrade Planning & Management

  • Established project delivery methodology – phase, gate checks
  • Effective communication of status to stakeholders
  • Meticulous production cut over plan & execution
  • Well integrated process that expects and manages risks to ensure successful upgrade

Architecture, Design, Deploy Production PLM System

  • Conduct full functional analysis to identify all deprecated functionality in new version
  • Identify all Customizations which must be re-implemented, eliminated, or modified
  • Identify all API's which will require re-configuration
  • Design for exploitation of new functionalities
  • Size, define, and deploy physical and virtual architectures

PLM System Upgrade

  • Re-configure and validate application to enable mitigation of deprecated features
  • Re-configure and validate application to enable elimination of customizations and greater exploitation of OOTB functionality
  • Re-configure and validate all API's
  • Timely resolution for meta-data errors
  • Data Analysis, Cleansing, Migration, and Validation
  • Regression Testing and Tuning
  • Application Performance Testing, Tuning, and Load Balancing
  • Deployment

Training, Adoption & Best Practices

  • Custom end-user, system, business admin training
  • User Acceptance Testing & Validation
  • CAD engineers/designers, managers/approvers
  • Performance tuning, custom solution porting validation and PPS

Value to the Customer

  1. ZERO Downtime to end-users during upgrade
  2. No loss of Intellectual Property due to upgrade
  3. Faster deployment – 25% shorter project duration
  1. High level of Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
  2. On time & budget delivery