MBD/MBE Service Offerings

DSA is one of the early innovators in the Model-based Definition and Model-based Enterprise paradigm now driving the Digital Enterprise. We possess deep domain expertise across a broadly skilled senior staff.

Drive Measurable Business Value and Sustainable Results from MBD/MBE

  • We work collaboratively with organizations to deliver a measurable return on MBD/MBE asset utilization.
  • Our Process-oriented approach is fully integrated end-to-end and designed to ensure a constant alignment to MBD/MBE Strategy and targeted improvements in relative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as a phased increase in Process Capability Maturity.
  • Our Domain Expertise spans the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Consumer Products, Energy, and AEC/EPC Industry Sectors.
  • Our alignment to all Major PLM Solution Providers ensures our Objectivity and enhances our ability to assist our customers to identify, select, and optimize the utilization of their MBD/MBE Digital Assets
  • Finally, and unlike most of our competitors, we deploy only Experienced Staffs with relative Process and Application Domain expertise. We will never be learning on your nickel!

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