PLM Roadmap and Strategy Development

Continuously evolving to a full Digital Thread is a key strategy for companies driving to increase Market share, Revenue, and Margin. Critical to their success is the optimization and specific exploitation of their overall Product Lifecycle Management System. Each advancement in your Digital Roadmap can be stifled by a poorly implemented or insufficiently exploited Enterprise PLM Environment.

Master the conversion to the Digital Enterprise

We work with clients to identify gaps in current practices as well as the systematic and organizational changes required to achieve measurable improvements in end-to-end Product Lifecycle Performances. This means taking ownership of “What Is”, establishing a more sophisticated set of Improvement Targets specifically designed to increase operational performances in a measurable and sustainable way while positioning the asset base to enable a more effective and efficient evolution to a full Digital Thread.

Regardless of history or level of maturity, we define an approach at the size and scale that works best for your organization based on priority needs, organizational constraints, and readiness for change.

Potential Scope of your PLM Roadmap

Potential Roadmap Graphic

PLM Roadmap Deliverables

PLM Roadmap Deliverables Graphic

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Model-based Definition Implementation Services

Our comprehensive stage one MBD implementation services will establish a core of process and application infrastructure that will not only deliver a measurable return on investment but will additionally create the foundational capability which is pre-requisite and mandatory for your next evolutions through Model-based Enterprise and finally to the full Digital Thread.

Model-based Enterprise Implementation Services

We provide a comprehensive set of MBE Implementation Services to enable a comprehensive exploitation of your Model-based Definition Standards, Process, and Application Infrastructures to through your internal and external Supply Chains.

PLM Implementation Services

We provide a comprehensive set of PLM Implementation Services, as well as a competitively priced Senior staff with deep PLM, SDLC, Process Analysis & Design, and Program Management expertise

Model-based Enterprise Roadmapping & Strategy Development

Today, the most critical extension of your end to end PLM Environment required to efficiently and effectively evolve to a full Digital Thread is the Model-based Enterprise. DSA possesses substantial experience in establishing an MBE Roadmap & Strategy that will drive a measurable ROI and better enable your evolution.