Risk Assessment & Mitigation Planning

DSA's method for Risk Assessment & Mitigation Planning is derived from the extensive work done at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Melon University on Taxonomy-based Risk Assessment. This foundational method is High Value-adding as it creates a Framework of Risk Categories and Types and provides a method for understanding and managing the cascading effects of risks.

The Risk Mitigation & Planning Process

  1. Identify Risks by Type (within each risk category)
  2. Identify the Risk Trigger(s) - what will trigger the risk
  3. Identify all other risks which may be triggered by any given risk - the Taxonomy
  4. Quantify Probability
  5. Quantify Cost
  6. Weigh the Criticality of each Risk against its probability
  7. Establish Proactive Risk Mitigation Tactics for High Probability/High Criticality Risks
  8. Fold Risk Mitigation Tactics into your execution plan to enable tracking & reporting

Risk Tracking Graphic