Supplier Maturity/MBE

DSA in partnership with Lifecycle Insights can execute an MBE Maturity Level Analysis of your Vendor Community. This analysis work is critical to enable your understanding of the work required across your supply base to assure their ability to exploit your investment in MBD/MBE and provide you a measurable return on your investment.

Survey Image

  1. Preparing the Vendor Community for Surveying (DSA/Lifecycle Insights)
  2. Survey Development (DSA/Lifecycle Insights)
  3. Data Analysis (Lifecycle Insights)
  4. Incorporation of Findings in to your MBD/MBE Roadmap (DSA)
  5. Establish Vendor Maturation Process
    1. How to increase Vendor Maturity to ensure their exploitation
    2. How to get the ROI for your investment

Phase 1: Preparing the Vendor Community

Preparing your Vendor Community for Survey is critical to establishing the survey itself and getting your vendors to respond in whole. It is both an analytical and an OCM exercise.

  1. Segregate vendor community by Part Family & Part Family complexity – Survey could vary based upon Part Family complexity
  2. Derive survey execution plan
  3. Work with Vendor/Supplier Management Team to establish the Vendor Communications Plan

Phase 2: Survey Development & Release

  1. Establish Scope of Survey and Survey Goals – aligns the target audience and a mapping of draft questions to goals
    1. Review & Adapt Survey Scope/Questions with you, our client
    2. Development the draft survey, conduct internal reviews, adapt as required to meet established goals
    3. Create the survey in SurveyMonkey or a google document
    4. Support reviews of the survey (Engineering, Mfg. Engineering, Quality, Tooling Procurement. Mfg.) and modify the survey per the feedback
  2. Final preparation of survey
    1. Create SurveyMonkey web collectors and transmit the SurveyMonkey web collector links to you, our client
  3. Conduct the Survey
    1. Transmit Survey Links to targeted Vendor Base and monitor/manage Vendor Responses & Communications

Phase 3: Data Analysis

In the data analysis phase, we will execute the following tasks.

  1. Load the survey responses
    1. Export the aggregate survey responses and individual survey responses to a spreadsheet
    2. Load survey responses into “Marketsight” data analysis tool
  2. Developing on set of base findings
    1. Develop statistical findings for each question in the survey in a Google sheet. This includes the creation of a table representing the aggregate statistics for the question and a bar chart
    2. Add the bar charts to a Google Slides presentation
  3. Developing two sets of cohort-based findings
    1. Develop cross-tabbed findings for each question in the survey in a Google sheet against a cohort, which can be drawn from one of the other questions in the survey or developed based on logical conditions. This includes the creation of a table representing the aggregate statistics for the question and a bar chart
    2. Add the bar charts to a Google Slides presentation. One chart will go on each Slide
  4. Support three rounds of reviews of the three sets of findings
    1. Distribute the Draft Data Analysis for Review and request for adaptations and data refinements
    2. Collect feedback and adapt Data Analysis as requested
    3. Release the Data Analysis findings

Phase 4: Roadmap/Strategy Update

  1. Based upon the Survey results, we will assist you to establish a Vendor Maturation Project Portfolio and Plans. DSA will additionally assist you to run the ROI Calculations that will be attainable for each phase of the Vendor maturation Roadmap
    1. Target Key Suppliers First Note; your most mature suppliers are key candidates to Pilot your initial Data Packages
    2. The maturation stages and priorities will be varied depending upon several factors e.g., supplier criticality, adoption, maturity

Phase 5: Establish Vendor Maturation Process

  1. DSA will assist you to derive a detailed execution plan to enable/drive the increases required in vendor maturity to enable the exploitation of your MBD/MBE Investments
  2. DSA will assist your vendor Management/Global Supplier Management Team to define the data requirements and procedures necessary to ensure your supply base provides a measurable return on your investment as the increment their MBD/MBE Capability Maturity