Delivering a Measurable Return on PLM Asset Utilization

PLM RoadmapA process-oriented PLM roadmap is the key to leveraging your organization’s full power to tackle challenging projects and manage complex lifecycles. One of the most useful ways to demonstrate an effective program is to deliver measurable returns on the investments you make in your digital assets. When it comes to making those returns happen, solid planning and implementation is the name of the game.


Here’s how to create powerful results that drive continually satisfying PLM solutions: 

  • Start Strong – No business has unlimited assets. That makes every choice matter, and setting out with a clear picture of where you need to apply your resources helps you keep your program in line with your needs.
  • Execute Effectively – Drawing up your roadmap is a good start, but following through is just as critical. You’ll need to analyze challenges on the fly and design processes and architecture that integrate well into your overall vision.
  • Stay Vigilant – From migrating backlogs of old data to upgrading your process and physical architecture, keep returns strong by staying on top of the latest developments available to drive your success.


Employ Experts – As PLM needs continue growing with new technology and program innovations, you get the best value when you work with partners who have the knowledge and expertise to keep you on the leading edge of your field and guide you to the measurable returns you need to succeed.